Bitsy - Binary Puzzle


  1. Each cell must contain 0 or 1.
  2. Series of three 0's or 1's in a row or column are forbidden.
  3. The nr of 1's in a row or column must be equal to the nr of 0's (or one more for odd sized grids).
  4. Identical rows or columns are not allowed.

How to play

Start a game by hitting Play Bitsy
or New Bitsy Game on the home screen. (The last option offers a choice of dimension and difficulty level, the first option sticks to the current dimension and level.)

The game field shows a grid of 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11 or 12x12 cells, and a toolbar with 4 buttons: a Clear, a Check, a Solve and a Scores button.

Some cells have already a 1 or a 0. You can not change these prefilled challenge cells.

You are supposed to fill a 1 or a 0 in the empty cells, called answer cells hereafter. This can be achieved by tapping or swiping the answer cells.

Tapping answer cells:

Swiping answer cells:

The  last changed  and the  last but one  cells are marked as a visual aide.

The  toolbar background changes  color when you correctly filled the last cell of the grid. Your game time may then be registered as one of the three best times for the current dimension and difficulty level.

The Solve button changes into a New button when the current game is solved. This offers a fast way to start a new puzzle with the same dimension and difficulty level.


Bitsy always keeps track of the time needed to solve the puzzle. Score refers to the time used to solve a puzzle.

The 3 top scores for each dimension and difficulty level can be viewed by tapping the Scores button in the game toolbar. Or you can tap Your best scores on the home screen.

The Your best scores screen uses this color for the current dimension and difficulty level. If the last added score made the top three, it will be displayed in this color.

The running game time is displayed in the Check button (the second toolbar button). This button will show Check instead of the time, if you activate the Hide timer preference.

Scoring stops when you hit the Check or Solve buttons. It restarts at zero when you hit the Clear button, or start a new game.


You can always check an individual cell by swiping right over the cell. (Note that this disables scoring for the current game.) If the cell value is wrong, its color will change to inform you.

All answer cells will be checked when you hit the Check button, regardless whether it shows the current time or the word Check.

Checking stops time keeping. It prevents score registration. This is why you normally get a confirmation panel to inform you about this fact. You can prevent this confirmation panel by activating the Check immediately preference.


When you first run the game, it will generate an 8x8 Bitsy of difficulty level easy. Tap the New Bitsy Game button on the home screen to choose a different dimension or difficulty level. These choices remain in effect until you choose different values on this screen.

The home screen has a Preferences button to activate or deactivate following options (initial value is off for all of them):

Mute Sound:
When you solve the game, a small happy chime is rang to congratulate you. This same chime is rang when no error is detected for a check. If an error is detected, an unhappy sound rings to inform you. You can mute all sounds by activating this option.
Hide timer:
Activating this will show Check on the second button rather than the running time. This does not inflluence time keeping. So you can hide the timer, and still end up in the top three scores for your current game.
Clear immediately:
Normally Bitsy will request confirmation before clearing your current game. If you do not mind losing all your filled in values, just activate this option. Hitting Clear will then immediately wipe all values in the answer cells, reset the timer and you can proceed all over.
Check immediately:
Normally Bitsy will request confirmation before checking your current game. It will inform you that this action stops time keeping. The game can not enter the top three anymore. If you do not mind this, just activate this option.
Solve immediately:
Normally Bitsy will request confirmation before solving your current game. If you do not mind losing all values filled in the answer cells, just activate this option. Hitting Solve will then immediately fill in the correct values in the answer cells and stop the timer.


Bitsy has a world wide web site at