Bitsy - The true binary puzzle!

Starting a new game

The home screen shows two ways to start a new puzzle. The 'Play Bitsy' button just continues the current game. The 'New Bitsy Game' button shows the following screen:

Bitsy can be played on 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11 or 12x12 grids. The puzzle can be easy or difficult. The dimension and difficulty that you pick here, stay in effect for all new games untill you pick a different value on this screen.


The home screen provides a 'Preferences' button which displays following screen:

The help file, which you can read on your iPhone, or in the middle column of this page, explains the five preference switches.


Three of the preferences deal with confirmations. Unless you changed the defaults, you would be warned about actions that modify your game and prevent scoring.

Unless you turn on the 'Check immediately' preference, you will see this popup at your first check request for the current game. The text of the popup explains the consequences.

When you want to clear the current game, this popup is shown unless you turned on the 'Clear immediately' preference.

When you hit the 'Solve' button, and the 'Solve immediately' preference is off, this popup would be shown.

The help file

Playing Bitsy

Start of a new 8x8 game

A number of cells have been filled. The last filled cell has a brown background. The one before has a grey background.

One more cell has been filled and got a brown background. The previous brown cell turned grey.

When the puzzle is checked, wrong values are colored red. You can check it by tapping the second toolbar button, the one with the current game time.

The toolbar background turns brown when you solved the puzzle. Tapping the third toolbar button now would start a new game with the same size and difficulty level.

Apparently, the 3:31 time was the best in this dimension and difficulty level. You can see it in a green background color. The current dimension (10x10) and difficulty level (* for easy) are displayed in yellow.